Our Research

The Minority Stress & Trauma Lab’s research is funded by NIH/NIAAA, Yale University, and Syracuse University and focuses on understanding trauma exposure and stigma-related stressors as key determinants of sexual and gender minority (SGM) individuals’ alcohol misuse and comorbid mental health issues (e.g., PTSD symptoms), with a focus on sexual minority women. We also work with local community organizations to better understand help-seeking barriers and facilitators among racially, ethnically, and socioeconomically diverse SGM trauma survivors. Our interdisciplinary program of research also focuses on violence-related prevention and health promotion intervention development, delivery, and implementation for SGM populations.

We continue to expand our research in several key areas, including (1) sexual minority women’s hazardous drinking trajectories and comorbid PTSD symptoms; (2) objective measurement of sexual minority women’s stress-sensitive reactions to trauma exposure and minority stressors; (3) violence-related prevention programs for trauma-exposed SGM youth and adults; and (4) evidence-based intervention development and implementation targeting sexual minority women’s co-occurring PTSD and alcohol use disorders.