Prospective Undergraduate Research Assistants

Undergraduate research assistants are typically responsible for recruiting participants, scheduling research appointments, running experiments (i.e., obtaining informed consent, administering questionnaires, debriefing participants, etc.), maintaining the lab’s social media presence, and managing data (i.e., organizing data, coding variables, and running descriptive statistics). Research assistants may learn how to interact with research participants, collect and analyze data, perform literature reviews, draft IRB protocols, read and write research papers, and prepare data for presentations.

Undergraduate research assistants are eligible to receive credit through the Psychology Department based upon their weekly effort. Students are required to work for 3 hours/ week for each credit hour they receive from the department. A minimum commitment of 6 hours per week is required for all research assistants. Preference will be given to research assistants who are available to work in the lab for at least two semesters. If you are interested in becoming part of the Minority Stress & Trauma Lab, please complete the following application: