The Minority Stress & Trauma Lab is committed to promoting a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and supportive research and training environment that is rooted in anti-racism. Our lab aims to work towards identifying and dismantling oppressive systems by educating ourselves and others about our biases, challenging the status quo, considering ways to create an equitable learning and work environment, and recruiting and retaining lab members who identify as BIPOC and with other marginalized identities. We also aim to continue building a network of collaborations with interdisciplinary scientists, healthcare professionals, advisory boards, and community partners.

Our dynamic research agenda focuses on better understanding the causes of health inequities, such as stigma and trauma, facing racially and ethnically diverse sexual and gender minority populations with a focus on sexual minority women. Our lab also works to address barriers to accessing and receiving high-quality healthcare among trauma-exposed sexual and gender minorities and seeks to develop effective interventions to reduce alcohol misuse and mental health comorbidities in this population.